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Making Up

RRP $14.99

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Meet Maudie, a plucky young girl, and her friend Bear, a gentle giant with a heart of gold.

In Making Up Bear has to earn Maudie’s forgiveness after unintentionally hurting her feelings.

About the Illustrator

Freya Blackwood was born in Edinburgh and grew up in Orange in NSW, Australia where she now lives with her daughter Ivy. After graduating from UTS in Visual Communications, Freya worked in the film industry as a production assistant, runner and effects technician. She began illustrating picture books in 2002 and has since been shortlisted for, and won many prestigious awards, including the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2010. Award-winning titles include Two Summers with John Heffernan (2004 CBCA Chrichton Award winner) and Amy & Louis with Libby Gleeson (2007 CBCA Picture Book of the Year for Younger Readers) with Scholastic Press; Little Hare titles Maudie and Bear with the late Jan Ormerod (2011 CBCA Early Childhood Book of the Year); Look, A Book! with Libby Gleeson (2012 CBCA Picture Book of the Year); Go To Sleep Jessie with Libby Gleeson (2015 CBCA Early Childhood Book of the Year) and My Two Blankets with Irena Kobald (2015 CBCA Picture Book of the Year); and from Allen & Unwin The Cleo Stories: The Necklace and The Present with Libby Gleeson (CBCA Winner Book of the Year: Younger Readers). Freya works and creates in her backyard studio.

Making Our Media

RRP $274.99

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This volume of Making Our Media focuses on the praxis of alternative media, including radio, video, film, and Internet initiatives in South and North America, southern Africa, India, Australia, and Europe. Chapter authors consider the relationship between these media and the people they serve, reevaluate established theoretical frameworks, and present new ones for understanding alternative and citizens' media in light of contemporary local and global realities. While some of the authors critically explore the internal operations of citizen's media, including their gender, race and power dynamics, others shed light on how alternative media interact with different political formations, such as the (nation) state and social movements. Grounded in empirical evidence and theoretical insight, the book takes a critical approach to the roles alternative and citizens' media can play in building inclusive, participatory democracies.

The Making Of A Marchioness

RRP $18.99

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"He felt the scent and the golden glow of the sunset light as intensely as he felt the dead silence which reigned between himself and Hester almost with the effect of a physical presence."
--- Frances Hodgson Burnett, Emily Fox-Seton

First published in 1901, The Making of a Marchioness follows thirty-something Emily who lives alone, humbly and happily, in a tiny apartment and on a meager income. She is the one that everyone counts on but no one goes out of their way to accommodate. This Cinderella-like story remains a much-loved favorite among many.

This book is followed by a sequel, The Methods of Lady Walderhurst. Later, the two novels were combined into Emily Fox-Seton.

Adaptations and influence

The Making of a Lady is a television film based on the 1901 novel The Making of a Marchioness by Frances Hodgson Burnett that uses a screenplay adaptation by Kate Brooke. The film premiered in 2012 on ITV in Britain and was subsequently broadcast on PBS in the United States in 2014. Directed by Richard Curson Smith, the film stars Lydia Wilson as Emily, Linus Roache as Lord James Walderhurst, Joanna Lumley as Lady Maria Byrne, and James D'Arcy as Captain Alec Osborn.

How To Work The Film & Tv Markets

RRP $350.00

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How to Work the Film & TV Markets by Heather Hale takes independent filmmakers, television and digital content creators on a virtual tour of the entertainment industry's trade shows - the circulatory system of the entire global media landscape. This book highlights the most significant annual events around the world, details a dossier of all the players that frequent them and examines all the elements that drive the market value and profitability of entertainment properties. In-the-trenches insights from our modern, real world marketplace are contextualized into immediately implementable practical advice. Make the most of your finite investments of funds, time and creative energy to optimize your odds for success not only within the mainstream, business-to-business circuit but learn how to select, apply and scale its most prudent, proven principals to complement the most promising disruptive strategies to drive your own Do-It-Yourself / Direct-to-the-Consuming-Crowd fundraising, distribution and promotional success.

Heather Hale demystifies these markets, making them less intimidating, less confusing and less overwhelming. She shows you how to navigate these events, making them far more accessible, productive - and fun! This creative guide offers:

  • An in-depth survey of the most significant film, TV and digital content trade shows around the world

  • An overview of the co-production market circuit that offers financing and development support to independent producers

  • An outline of the market-like festivals and key awards shows

  • A breakdown of who's who at all these events - and how to network with them

  • Hot Tips on how to prepare for, execute and follow up on these prime opportunities

  • Low budget key art samples and game plans

  • A social media speed tour with a wealth of audience engagement ideas

  • A comprehensive companion website to located at:www.focalpress.com/cw/hale featuring:

    • An up-to-date, hyperlinked, annual calendar and global map with all the market dates, locations and current info relevant to independents;

    • Current event reviews, interviews, project case studies

    • Downloadable real world examples of pitch packages, series bibles and investor presentations

Decision-aiding Software And Legal Decision-making

RRP $256.99

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The use of microcomputers as decision aids in law practice is increasing rapidly. Nagel here shows how developments in software over the last few years are making microcomputers practically indispensable to lawyers as decision aids. This is in contrast to his earlier book on Microcomputers as Decision Aids in Law Practice. It dealt speculatively with ways in which decision-aiding software could be used by lawyers for judicial prediction, litigation strategy, allocating scarce resources, and negotiation-mediation. The book is divided into three parts covering general developments, specific lawyer skills, and application to all fields of law. The first part previews various uses of decision-aiding software by practicing lawyers, including a general discussion of the potential and actual benefits of such software. How decision-aiding software enhances specific lawyer skills comprises the second and largest part of the work. Among the topics discussed are computer-aided counseling, computer-aided mediation, legal policy evaluation and computer-aided advocacy, law prediction, and legal administration. In the third part, Nagel assesses applications of decision-aiding software to all fields of law, with an emphasis on contracts, property, torts, family law, criminal law, constitutional law, economic regulation, international law, civil procedure, and criminal procedure. In a provocative concluding chapter, he deals with the thorny issues of individual ethics and professional responsibility in the context of microcomputers. Because decision-aiding software encourages decision makers to be much more explicit about their goals than they otherwise would be, its use raises questions as to whose goals should be pursued and to what degree. This is a nuts-and-bolts guidebook that will be a valuable tool for practicing attorneys with some knowledge of microcomputers and is recommended reading for legal scholars and law students.


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